Our Services

Home Solution

This is our founder's living room. It didn't look like this before. He changed everything with his own hands. That's the skill we want to offer to you.

Misc Repairs

No job is too small for us. We love a list of small repairs.

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Find out why property managers and realtors love working with us.



The only type of flooring we do are vinly plank, engineerd wood, and laminate flooring. Take a look at our pictures, they speak for themselves.

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Interior & Exterior Paint

The quality of the paint job is based on the prep work. We take the time to do to the necessary prep work to ensure that you will have a beautiful paint job that lasts.

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Main thing about electricity is safety. We are familar with the elctrical codes and can help you identify the root of the issue.


Fences is an investment that should last 25-30 years. And cutting corners now will lead to headaches in the future. 

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Doors & Windows

Quality doors and windows can add to the aesthetic of your home and enhances the security of your family.


We know how to work with a variety of plumbing materials and issues. We love old toilets and faucets. 


We offer all stages of woodwork from rough carpentry to finished mill work. 

Drywall Repair

We can make it look like the hole or cracks never happened.

Tiles, Grout, And Caulking

We also re-glaze bathtubs!