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Our knowledge and experience ensure that we will install your floor appropriately and it will not warp or buckle. And this starts with the acclimation of the flooring material. The wall and floor contracts and expands at different rates and thus we won't rush this process. It's so important to make sure that there’s enough space for the materials to expand. When there aren’t enough spaces for the floors to expand, it buckles. Some finished flooring project may look good for a while, but it won’t last long. And it’s very costly to fix. An excellent way to check for a well-installed floor is to look for gaps, cracks, and the orientation of the floorboards. And don’t forget the baseboard. We make sure to patch the nail holes and that everything is caulked and painted. 

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Have a toilet that leaked and damaged your subfloor and baseboard? We can take care of it all.

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